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Secretary of State Fails to Certify Voluntary Compliance

Secretary of State Fails to Certify Compliance Karen Bedonie for Governor Dark Money Complaint


Brett Kokinadis
Stop MLG PAC, Director
[email protected]

Santa Fe, NM, Monday, August 29, 2022 Deputy Secretary of State of New Mexico, Sharon Pinon, formally responded to the New Mexico State Ethics Commission regarding a complaint filed against the Karen Bedonie for Governor campaign and “Private Persons of New Mexico.”

After reviewing the Complaint filed by Brett Kokinadis, Stop MLG director and 1st Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Santa Fe County, and responses by the campaign, the NM Secretary of State’s office, has failed to certify voluntary compliance with the Campaign Reporting Act. The Secretary of State’s office has returned the Complaint to the State Ethics Commission for further proceedings.

“I’m pleased with the Secretary of State’s conclusion and referral to the SEC. As a result, New Mexican voters are closer to receiving the transparency they are entitled to under the law. This determination is an important step to guaranteeing all candidates comply with campaign finance law and ensuring that our elections are equitable, honest, and transparent .” Brett Kokinadis said.

The Complaint alleges unlawful coordination with independent expenditures, unreported donations, questionable relationships with prohibited entities, and a failure to register financial transactions.

“The determination to pursue a full investigation now rests with the newly formed New Mexico State Ethics Commission, which has subpoena power to dive deeper into these claims and shed light on potentially unlawful and inequitable campaign practices.”, Kokinadis continued.

Download the NM SOS Referral Letter
Download the entire Complaint

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