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Governor Grisham continues to waste taxpayer funds

For Immediate Release

Brett Kokinadis
Stop MLG Director
First Vice-Chair, Republican Party of Santa Fe County
Email: [email protected]

While New Mexicans were ordered to stay home and state recreational areas were under strict lockdown during the COVID-19 Health Emergency, Governor Grisham may have enjoyed her time on the lake, boating.

Santa Fe, NM – Thursday, September 15, 2022 – Inspection of Public Records obtained through the Department of Finance reveals Governor Grisham may have been defying her emergency health orders to enjoy boating, parties, and travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brett Kokinadis, Director of Stop MLG and the First Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Santa Fe county, requested contingency fund and purchasing card “p-card” reports from January 1, 2020, from the Department of Finance. Forty-nine documents contained nearly 1,000 pages of expenditures that were responsive detailing expenses of Governor Grisham, the Governor’s Staff, and the Governor’s State police security details “p-card” reports.

Reports included certificates for boating safety courses, VRBO lodging, Navajo Lake Marina fees, and boating packages.

“There are nearly 1,000 pages of receipts containing lavish catered items and alcohol for large parties, excessive daily shopping, travel, and even perhaps activities in Taos, Vail, and boating on a Navajo lake. All this while the Governor scolded New Mexicans and ordered them to stay indoors, away from loved ones, and left to stand in the cold for groceries.”, Kokinadis continued.

Through the inspection of the Public Records Act, Kokinadis was able to target specific violations that violated COVID policies and cost NM taxpayers. In May, Governor Grisham was criticized for violating emergency public health orders, reportedly for keeping a business open so she could buy jewelry. Purchasing jewelry was not the Governor’s only violation of her policy.

Outdoor parks and lakes were closed when these specific boating certifications and Navajo Lake Marina fees were acquired and paid for by taxpayers. Many New Mexicans were banned from enjoying the same outdoor activities the Governor, and her detail enjoyed while on lockdown.

“It’s alarming to see how the Governor and staff waste taxpayer dollars, especially when so many people continue to suffer from her unfair and failed policies. We’re still reviewing the extensive documents and discovering other questionable uses of taxpayer funds.” Kokinadis continued.

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