SB 408 Right of Bodily Integrity

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SB 408 upholds the rights of New Mexicans to make personal, informed medical choices while remaining protected against discrimination regarding employment or services.

As a New Mexican and your constituent, I am asking you to support my medical choices by voting “yes” on SB 408: RIGHT OF BODILY INTEGRITY

  1. BODILY INTEGRITY: upholds New Mexicans’ right to choose what happens to their bodies, including the medical interventions they have the right to accept or reject, free from any threat or compulsion.

  2.  WRITTEN INFORMED CONSENT: Required for any medical interventions, including notice of the ingredients and substances, actions of these substances, and risks of the intervention.

  3. FREEDOM FROM MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION: Protects access to public or private services offered to the public, including but not limited to housing, employment, schooling, commerce, and government services – when individuals choose not to receive any medical intervention, including vaccination for COVID-19.

Please respect New Mexicans’ medical choices and vote “yes” on SB 408.

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